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Mumbai Ashwamedh Mahayagya 2024

Mumbai, in February 2024 is going to experience a never seen mini-kumbh at its doorstep, with a million flocking together to chant Gayatri Mantra and offer oblations to the invoked, mantra-infused Yagya-agni – The fire altar! it is 47th Ashwamedh Yagya by all World Gayatri Pariwar aims to unite people from all walks of life in acknowledgement of our united identity as a single family of this green planet.

Yagyas open portals of subtle positive energy, and it is being studied and acknowledged by modern day researchers too. A super-colossal endeavor involving 24 million or 2.4 crores of mantra-infused yagya ahutis in a matter of five days is confirmed to whip up unprecedented positivity that is going to reflect in peace and prosperity for the nation and Mumbai City in particular.

Ashwa in Ashwamedha Yagya stands for the majesty and speed of a horse and the medha is Sanskrit for intellectual capacity. Thus, Ashwamedh is a specific endeavor to fine tune and strengthen our collective intellect, so that we simultaneously guide our energies to maximize our achievement quotient in harmony with the ecosystem we inherit. These yagyas are of mega dimensions with millions participating and in the process the participants also understand our eternal, timeless (shashwat and sanatan) Indian culture and heritage.

Ashwamedh Yagyas date back to thousands of years. The pages of Vedas, Upanishads, Darshans and Puranas are filled with the description of the importance of these Ashwamedh Yagyas.

In ancient times, they were performed to achieve ecological balance, to seek the grace of God and to unite the nation. Yugrishi envisioned Gayatri Pariwar on the universal glory and radiance of Gayatri Mantra and Yagya and the role they have played in forging our unique Indian identity across millennia. To strengthen and foster this spirit of a united nationhood and global harmony, Gayatri Pariwar has been conducting Ashwamedh Yagyas since past 27 years.

In ancient times, simple yagyas used to play an important role in inner refinement and self-purification. The maha-yagyas used to be performed to purify the social life. But, when the need for complete renovation of the nation (Rashtra) and that of the environment was felt, there was a tradition of Ashwamedha yagyas at the universal level.

Thus, the yagyas have been classified into three categories; viz, yagya, maha-yagya and Ashwamedh yagya . The magnitude of their results also increases in the same order. One of the important objectives of such large-scale Ashwamedh yagya is also to awaken the dormant genius of the masses. It is the inherent intellect of man which makes him different from other living beings. It is on its basis that he, as a scientist, has explored the secrets of nature and is claiming to be the controller of the fate of all the living beings. It is the miracle performed by the human genius – Medha to form society and the methods of its governance, and to transform this earth into such an elegant and well- developed structure of culture and civilization.

In today’s context of scientific temperament, the Yagyas and the mantras are being studied through various scientific parameters and are revealing fresh promising perspectives and slants on their effect on ecology, environment as well as human psychology. Today, after 27 years of performing Ashwamedh Yagya, there is enough empirical data to prove that wherever Ashwamedh Yagya have been performed, those areas have experienced a reduction in the rate of crimes and aggression.

Preparations for Mumbai Ashwamedh are going on earnestly and we want to make people aware of this grand endeavor and invite them to be a part of this celebration of our cultural heritage.